Anderson Road Quarry - 3D Rendering & Video

CAW produced a 1-min 3D animation for Anderson Road Quarry urban planning study.
(Project of ARUP & Planing Department of HKSAR)

Production Phase-
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3D Modeling:
- Develop 3D base model from Landscape Data (including main site and East-Kowloon)
- Different types of buildings development, such as shopping malls, residential buildings, schools, parks...etc
- Main corridor decorations with human, sitting area, fountain, scupltures...etc
- Slope development with "stair-like" walking paths and viewing decks
- Create different type of trees and plants over the site
- Create textures for all the objects


- Storyboard development 
- Set cameras for the whole animation timeline
- Animating the objects which show in the animation, such as fountain, walking peoples, cars...etc

Lighting and Rendering:

- Set lights and shadow for the site
- Render high-quality images with V-Ray

- Edit and tune the rendered images
- Composite with different shots to a full length animation
- Final color tuning and VFX editing
- Music and sub-title edit
- Output final video format

Screen shots from video:

more details :

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